SELF Check Out (2015)

SELF Check Out at Planthouse Gallery, two person show with Grayson Cox and Nadja Frank, 2015

SELF Check Out is a two person show with work by Grayson Cox and Nadja Frank that positions the architectural space in the brain as a place that can be cleared, filled, played within, and even co-opted by external forces with manipulative intentions. In an age of screens and interfaces that compete for our attention, issues of boredom, rest and daydreaming are challenged. SELF Check Out contemplates this fertile ground as a site for play, curiosity and production; a place from which all life directions comes.The work examines the idea of “checking out” in its conflicting meanings, by addressing the issues of control in the built environment and freedom within our own minds, and asks the viewer to consider their own thresholds for intrusion and will.The show consists of sculpture in many forms, from wood furniture-like construction to hanging metal chandelier like installations, printmaking, photography screen printed sculptures that depict actual self check-out machines, window “screens” offering views of contemplative seascapes, and video constructed from edited clips of Terrence Malick’s entire film catalogue being shown to an iced coffee (one of the muses of ‘checking out’).

This show was made collaboratively with artist Nadja Frank, each artist making their own work but meeting every week for months to talk about where the show was going. Then, two pieces were collaborated on directly: “Lost in Reality”, 2015 (silkscreen and letterpress on three different collaged papers) and a 50 ft wall painting that acted as a backdrop for the show.

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Photography by David B. Smith®