Personal Desire Propaganda

Catalogue of first show link

Personal Desire Propaganda was a project dealing with cultural and social economy

The idea is to make art about what we desire most, and to send those desires out into the ether in order to manifest them. Each artist makes an edition of 100 prints, and sells each one for a very low cost in order to more effectively put them out into the world. 

Artists: Chris Benfield / Noah Breuer / Blake Carrington / Nathan Catlin / Grayson Cox / Paloma Crousillat / Brad Ewing / Eric Hougen / Jared Friedman / Asa Gauen / Emily Henretta / Paul Jacobsen / Lou Joseph / Michael Levin / Michael Neff / Lauren Pakradooni / Eric Ramos Guerrero / Mark Rice / Daniel Rich / Julia Samuels / Seth Scantlen / Jeremy Sheaffer / Sarah Shebaro / Jonathan Stanish / Zefrey Throwell / Jesse Weiss

Two shows were staged in Dumbo, Brooklyn in 2013 – one with This Red Door at Kunsthalle Galapagos and one at the 111 Front Street Galleries. 26 artists filled the space with works and were sold for just $10 each.

First Personal Desire Propaganda Show in Brooklyn, NY 2013
Print by Nadja Frank
Mark Rice Print
Print by Asa Gauen
Poster from the first show
Zefrey Throwell Print
Grayson Cox Print
Erik Hougen Print
Michael Neff Print
Print by Jessica Segall
Print by Noah Breuer
Print by Seth Scantlen
Print by Jesse Weiss

Works were sold for a low price giving a lot of people access. We started collecting photos of the prints in the homes of the collectors. Here are some of those photos.

Grayson Cox Print in a home in Australia
Blake Carrington Print in a home in Brooklyn
Prints by various artist installed in a home in North Carolina
Grayson Cox print in a home in Brooklyn