This Friday at Foxy Production

Girdled Plant #2, 2012, Letterpress and silkscreen on paper

Girdled Plant #1, 2012, Letterpress and silkscreen on paper


Please Join me on Friday from 6-8 at Foxy Production in the Lower East Side for the opening of Ten Marginal Years.

I’m showing two prints  produced by Marginal Editions that are both a collaboration with my Mom, who is a Master Gardener. She photographed two needy root-bound plants while in dialogue with me around the role of soft paternalism / maternalism and its role in behavioral engineering.


I’m in amazing company.


Yours always,



Marginal Editions is a publishing and printing press based in New York City, founded by Brad Ewing. Their prints feature, but are not limited to, letterpress and silkscreen. Marginal Editions collaborates with artists to realize their artistic vision through technically inspired, yet fun approaches to printmaking.

Marginal Editions / Ten Marginal Years will feature 25 artist collaborations completed in the past ten years.

Alex Dodge
Anna Knoell
Arno Beck
Butt Johnson
Corinne Jones
David Kramer
Elana Herzog
Elizabeth Blomster
Erik Hougen
Ester Partegàs
Florian Meisenberg
Glen Baldridge
Grayson Cox
Ian Cooper
Jane Kent
Jamisen Ogg
Katie Commodore
Mae Shore
Matt Keegan
Rob Fischer
Robert Medvedz
Sara Magenheimer
Sascha Braunig
Stefanie Victor
Sterling Ruby